What Lies In Store for 2019 - Part 1
Title: What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1.

Description: Looking for a new direction in life? Would you like some helpful advice or guidelines on how to make 2019 a year to remember for all the right reasons? Then What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1 may just be the ebook for you! Find out what’s coming your way from January to June 2019 where its author, Aidan Lucid, using angel cards, predicts in great detail what’s coming down the track. 
Format: Kindle ebook


Release Date: December 2018

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"After reading Aidan's ebook on predictions for 2019, I found it an extremely easy, yet insightful read. He picks up the energies of a multitude of events and clearly articulates them in a user-friendly way. I would recommend, "What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1" to anyone who is interested in a prescriptive forecast of what yet has to come next year."

Claire Johnston, Scotland

"When you're in doubt of your own instincts and need confirmation to realise the truths, dreams and reality to keep you on your life path, I would definitely recommend Aidan Lucid's, "What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1". For many years now Aidan has demonstrated guidance and enlightenment to assist me with my path in life, detailing past experiences to live and learn from through angel card readings to aid my direction today. I highly recommend this book after reading the first six chapters in which I could fully relate to."

Mandy Simspon, Corporate Professional, Scotland

"I was pleasantly surprised when I started to read this book! All I can say is 'WOW!'. If you are interested in what lies ahead for the first half of 2019 then I highly recommend this book, hands down! Very informative and quite interesting. I look forward to reading part two of, 'What's in Store for 2019"."

Diane Hamilton, USA

"I read this ebook and it was really good. It’s like having a different type of the 'farmer’s almanac' right at your fingertips. Thank you soooo much for writing this!".

Jenn Keene, Psychic Intuitive
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What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1
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