Title: The Lost Son


Format: Paperback/Kindle/Epub

DescriptionFor seventeen-year-old high school student, Henry Simmons, life is full of studying, ogling at the girl of his dreams, and worrying about passing summer exams. Everything changes when Henry finds a magical gold coin that takes him to another world where he learns that he, along with two pilots from 1945 and Jasper the cat, have been chosen to free King Argoth and the people of Zargothia from a cruel race known as the Sadarkians. All is not what it seems in this fast-paced fantasy novel. With danger lurking around every corner, will Henry and his friends succeed in freeing King Argoth and his people?

Release Date: March 2019
The Lost Son Cover
Below are some praises The Lost Son has received.
The Lost Son

"The Lost Son is nothing less than extraordinary. An epic adventure that you won't want to put down."

Chelsea Cook, actress, "Blood Sucka Jones".

"Aidan Lucid takes us into the ambitious work by carefully crafting his characters and settings. We soon find ourselves in a world where the product of his wonderful imagination is both believable and thrilling."

Tommy Frank O'Connor, author of, "The Poacher's Apprentice".

"Aidan's book is well-written. Readers of all ages will be enthralled by Henry's efforts to save the king of Zargothia and his people from the evil Sadarkian army."

Olive O' Brien, author of, "Eco Zico".
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