A Viking's Prayer
Below are a sample of the poems featured in the short collection.

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A Viking's Prayer

I'm standing on the ship
looking out towards the sea,
glancing at the waters
that soon will carry me.
Beating of distant drums
coming from the battlefield,
a thousand Viking warriors
their weapons they won't yield.

I hear Valhalla's call
coming yonder from the sky,
my time will soon be up
I know then that I must die.
I call upon mighty Thor
to be always at my side,
so that I may fight bravely
after each oncoming tide.

Let blood be on my sword
let sweat fall from my brow,
as I go on the battlefield
to strike my foes down.
And if I should be last to fall
let me die a death with pride,
then my children will proudly know
a hero is how I died.
A Burning Candle

Our life is like a burning candle
a little flame burns inside us while we live.
During the good times and happy moments of our life
the flame is erect and strong.
But when we're suffering or have hardships,
the flame becomes small and weak, flickering in the wind.
When the door of life finally closes on us, however,
the flame quenches, leaving the wick to smoulder.
Burning Candle
Mary Anne

I was sitting at a bar on a Saturday night
When I saw a real beauty come through the door,
I have been coming to this bar for many a year
And I've never seen a beauty like this before.

Walking right in, she sits down beside me
She called the barman and ordered a beer,
She smiled her pearly white teeth at me
And curled up her lip to form a sneer.

Leaning towards me, she said softly,
"What's a nice guy like you doing here?"
I said, "Just listening to Rock 'n' Roll music
and drinking my favourite Carlsberg beer."

She coaxed me outside under the moonlight
Where she whispered sweet nothings into my ear,
She gently caressed my bearded cheek
And no longer did I think of the ice-cold beer.

As a chilly breeze picked up from the west
It's then I found out her sinister plan,
When the breeze blew it raised her dress
That's when I discovered Mary Anne was a man.
Picture of mysterious woman

It's often said that
history is the greatest of all teachers.
If that is so,
then why oh why
do we constantly defy its teachings?
Picture of a clock representing history or time itself.
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Andrew F. O'Hara Review

"'A Viking's Prayer' is a well chosen selection of a captivating young poet's work. Lucid is a masterful weaver of words as he explores the very soul of life."

Andrew F. O'Hara (editor of "The Jimston Journal" e-zine
Alma H. Bond review

"'A Viking's Prayer' by Aidan Lucid, is a lovely slim book of poetry and is recommended to all poetry lovers."

Alma H. Bond, author of. "Camille Claudel: a Novel"
Shannon L. Buck, author of, "Dark Surprises in Bear Wood"

"Lucid's debut book deals with many real life issues including: homelessness, disabilities, religion and aging. 'Echoes in the Wind', is by far my favourite poem by Aidan. I will leave it up to you to discover why when you read the book."

Shannon L. Buck, author of, "Dark Surprises in Bear Wood"
Violette Reid, author of, "The First Chronicle of Zayashariya: Out of Night"

"'A Viking's Prayer' is a scrumptious collection of verse that encompasses mythical lore with modern day emotions...Lucid's use of vivid imagery transports the reader to foreign worlds and his tender odes to history, mothers, couples, and fallen legends comforts the inner most love of poetry."

Violette Reid, author of, "The First Chronicle of Zayashariya: Out of Night"
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