Rose Gold Books show fiction and non-fiction books over the next few years. The first book will be non-fiction, What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1 - a book of predictions for what's going to happen next year.

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What Lies in Store for 2019 - Part 1
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My name is Aidan Lucid. I set up Rose Gold Books website to showcase my books.  Eight years ago I accomplished something that I thought was impossible: getting my debut novel published. At the time I was thrilled but the overall experience wasn't a pleasant one. So five years ago I left my publisher and re-edited my novel and this year  I decided to self-publish it next year. To find out more , go to the About Rose Gold Books section.

Over the next year more books covering different genres, will be added to the site so be sure to check back regularly. I also will be running competitions from time to time. If you'd like to be notified when a competition is running or when there's a new release, please click here.

Thank you again for visiting and much like I did, don't be afraid to chase your dream. Now is a golden time for writers with so many opportunities and methods available for publishing your book.                                                                                                            
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About Rose Gold Books
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Many people have asked me where did I get the name Rose Gold Books (RGB) from and I shall get to that later.

Back in 2002 after a religious experience, I began writing and in 2006 while recovering from a horrific accident, I wrote my debut fantasy novel then titled, The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin. That was a terrific achievement for me because it was something I wanted to accomplish since becoming a writer four years earlier. After numerous rounds of edits, I sent it out to agents and publishers but did not have any success. In total from 2006 to early 2008, I received 90 rejections.

All that changed in mid-2008 when a US publisher approached me. Two years later it was published as an ebook. Seeing my novel listed on Amazon was one of the proudest moments of my life but unfortunately, due to personal reasons I left that publisher in 2013.

After leaving them, I took a step back and wondered how I could make the book better in every way possible. Many further edits were carried out with the help of my good friend and award-winning author, Geoff Nelder and also Tony and Gail from Jefferson and Franklin. Earlier this year (2016), I decided to finally take a risk and just self-publish my novel, rebranding it and giving my book the proper attention it deserves. 

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘why the name Rose Gold Books?’ Well two years ago my wife and I were wondering what name would one call the colour of our cat, Diego. I said, ‘red’ but my wife, Claire, thought his colour was more like ‘rose gold’ and that was what I chose to call my publishing company.

It’s my goal to publish fantasy and horror novels through RGB and to prove once and for all, that I, too, have something unique to offer the literary world.
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I would like to wish all customers and visitors a very Happy New Year. May 2019 bring you lots of happiness and joy.
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